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Dr. Daifeng Wang awarded seed funding for cancer research by SBU Engineering-Driven Medicine Initiative

Date of Event: 
Tuesday, May 30, 2017

The College of Engineering and Applied Sciences and the Stony Brook School of Medicine have embarked on an ambitious and exciting journey to advance engineering-driven medicine.  Dubbed by some as the “the third revolution in medicine,” convergence science integrates medicine and engineering to confront some of the big unanswered questions in healthcare, and enables technologies that seek to revolutionize how we deliver healthcare.

Together with the Stony Brook University Cancer Center, The College of Engineering and Applied Sciences and School of Medicine convened a gathering of clinicians, scientists and engineers to share ideas and stimulate creative collaboration aimed at some of the toughest challenges in cancer.  Following this convergence science workshop fifteen collaborative proposals were submitted from teams across the entire University integrating a broad range of disciplines and expertise.  

Dr. Daifeng Wang from Biomedical Informatics,  together with Dr. Flaminia Talos from Department of Urology and pathology,  was among the three teams for the seed funding for this initiative, for the project entitled  "Identification of gene regulatory networks for direct conversion of fibroblasts into bladder epithelia".

This project integrates computational and experimental efforts to discover the core gene regulatory networks contributing to bladder epithelia development. Like an engineering system, these core regulatory networks are organized based on certain engineering principles, and coordinate as circuits to control bladder development. Any aberrant events in the network will drive the abnormal activities; i.e., bladder cancer. The team will provide the engineering principles of bladder gene circuits to be exploited in tissue reprogramming of fibroblasts into bladder epithelia, for regenerative medicine applications needed for organ rehabilitation post-cystectomy in cancer patients and as a new platform for studies of bladder cancer initiation.


Dr. Daifeng Wang won SBU-BNL Seed Grant on Large-Scale Comparative Regulatory Network Analysis in Photosynthetic Organisms

Date of Event: 
Tuesday, June 13, 2017

BMI faculty Dr. Daifeng Wang, together with Dr. Ian Blaby from Brookhaven National Laboratory, won the 2017 SEED grant on "Large-Scale Comparative Regulatory Network Analysis in Photosynthetic Organisms".

As primary bioproducers, photosynthetic organisms are fundamental to biological and geochemical cycles. Yet, despite recent availability of genome-wide engineering tools, biological redesign to exploit plants for increased biomass, bioenergy and food production purposes is fundamentally thwarted by a lack of foundational knowledge in plant gene regulation and protein function. This project will explore novel computational and network science approaches to comparatively analyze plant transcriptomes. This will enable elucidation of gene regulatory networks, genetic circuits, regulatory components and facilitate gene functional inferences. We will develop and apply our approaches on complex genomes to identify functionally related gene co-expression modules, infer gene regulatory networks and elucidate gene regulatory circuits driving evolutionarily conserved and species-specific genomic functions. Specifically, we propose to apply large-scale comparative analyses based on network science and machine learning approaches to study gene networks across multiple photosynthetic organisms and simultaneously cluster these networks into functional gene modules. Species-specific and cross-species modules will be exploited to infer gene function where presently none exist. 

Daifeng SEED

Dr. Joel Saltz received the 2017 Marco Ramoni Distinguished Paper Award for Translational Bioinformatics at the AMIA Joint Summits Meeting

Date of Event: 
Monday, March 27, 2017

Dr. Joel Saltz received the 2017 Marco Ramoni Distinguished Paper Award for Translational Bioinformatics at the AMIA Joint Summits Meeting for his paper “Towards Generation,Management, and Exploration of Combined Radiomics and Pathomics Datasets forCancer Research J. Saltz, J. Almeida, Y. Gao, Stony Brook University; A.Sharma, Emory University; E. Bremer, T. DiPrima, T. Kurc,  M. Saltz, Stony Brook University; J. Kalpathy–Cramer, Massachusetts General Hospital.  

“This award is given to the first author of the paper at the meeting that best exemplifies the application of informatics methods to the elucidation of basic molecular biology processes that are relevant to the conquest of human disease.  The paper describes a novel interactive tool for data visualization of Genomic, Pathomic and Radiomic data integrated to patient outcomes and demographics.  To learn more about this innovative tool listen to Dr. Mary Saltz’s video about FeatureExplorer.  To interactively explore this tool please click here 

Paper URL here

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