Cerner Health Conference 2018 - Joel Saltz: Applying Data Science to Improve Care

Date of Event

Dr. Joel Saltz presents at the Cerner Health Conference 2018
Applying data science to improve care

Start Time: 2:15 PM | End Time: 3:15 PM

Session Description
Children’s Hospital of Orange County, Stony Brook School of Medicine and College and Cerner apply data science to improve patient care in the hospital and ambulatory settings. During this session, you’ll see examples of published and ongoing work to improve patient outcomes in asthma, facilitate care management, improve patient satisfaction, reduce readmissions and predict patient deterioration. Data sources include direct extracts from Cerner Millennium™ and multi-source data from HealtheIntent. Data science techniques applied to this data use traditional statistical inference and advanced artificial intelligence tools, and more recently leverages Cerner HealtheDataLab™, which speeds and simplifies the data scientist’s work and aids in clinician collaboration. Interested in learning more? Visit the dark blue zone on the Solutions Gallery floor.