Faculty Directory

Core Faculty

Joel Saltz   

Joel Saltz, MD, PhD
Cherith Professor and Founding Chair, Department of Biomedical Informatics
Vice President for Clinical Informatics, Stony Brook Medicine
Associate Director, Stony Brook University Cancer Center
Director of Institute for Engineering Medicine

HSC L3-043 | 631-638-1420 | Joel.Saltz@stonybrookmedicine.edu

High end and data intensive computing, Applications of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, Pathology Informatics, Large Scale Data Analytics, Clinical Informatics

Tahsin Kurc   

Tahsin Kurc, PhD
Research Associate Professor and Vice Chair, Department of Biomedical Informatics

MART 7M-0804| 631-638-0038 | Tahsin.Kurc@stonybrook.edu

High end and data intensive computing, Applications of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, Pathology Informatics, Large Scale Data Analytics, Clinical Informatics


Chao Chen, PhD
Assistant Professor, Department of Biomedical Informatics

CS 2313C | 631-632-2593 | Chao.Chen.1@stonybrook.edu

Biomedical image analysis, machine learning, topological data analysis, computer vision


Ramana V Davuluri, PhD
Professor, Department of Biomedical Informatics

MART | 631-638-2590Ramana.Davuluri@stonybrookmedicine.edu


Bioinformatics; Cancer Genomics; Isoform-level Gene Regulation; Epigenetics; Alternative Promoters and Alternative Splicing.

Rajarsi Gupta  

Rajarsi Gupta, MD, PhD
Assistant Professor, Department of Biomedical Informatics
Instructor of Clinical Pathology

MART 7M-0806 | 631-638-1330| Rajarsi.Gupta@stonybrook.edu

Medical Physics, Molecular Biophysics, and Biochemistry with an emphasis on spectroscopic molecular methods. Current work in Artificial Intelligence and Machine-Learning applications


Janos Hajagos, PhD
Research Assistant Professor, Department of Biomedical Informatics
Chief of Data Analytics
BMI Chief Security Officer

HSC L3-012 | 631-444-1596 | Janos.Hajagos@stonybrook.edu

Healthcare Data Analytics

Veena Lingam  

Veena LingamMD
Program Director, Clinical Informatics Fellowship

HSC L3-045 | 631-444-8478 | Veena.Lingam@stonybrookmedicine.edu

Richard Moffitt  

Richard Moffitt, PhD
Assistant Professor, Department of Biomedical Informatics
Graduate Program Director, Biomedical Informatics

MART 7M-0810 |  631-638-2271 | Richard.Moffitt@stonybrookmedicine.edu

Bioinformatics, Personalized Medicine

Prateek Prasanna  

Prateek Prasanna, PhD
Assistant Professor, Department of Biomedical Informatics

MART 7M-0808| 631-216-2727 Prateek.Prasanna@stonybrook.edu

Imaging Informatics, Radiomics, Multi-scale data integration, Applied Machine Learning

Romeil Sandhu  

Romeil Sandhu, PhD
Assistant Professor, Department of Biomedical Informatics

CS 2313F | 631-632-2591 | Romeil.Sandhu@stonybrook.edu

Networks, control theory, vision, systems biology, and machine learning


Fusheng Wang, PhD
Associate Professor, Department of Biomedical Informatics
Director of Graduate Recruitment and Admissions

CS 2313D | 631-632-2598 | Fusheng.Wang@stonybrook.edu

Scalable Big Data Management, GIS, Medical Imaging Informatics, Healthcare Data Analytics

Zhaozheng Yin  

Zhaozheng Yin, PhD
SUNY Empire Innovation Associate Professor, Department of Biomedical Informatics

CS 2313B | 631-632-2595 | Zhaozheng.Yin@stonybrook.edu

Biomedical Image Analysis, Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Cyber-Physical Systems, Human-Robot Collaboration

Biomedical Informatics Fellows

Victor Garcia   

Victor Garcia, MD
Clinical Informatics Fellow

HSC L3-045 G | 631-444-8497 | Victor.Garcia@stonybrookmedicine.edu



Chao Tsai  

Chao-wei Tsai, MD
Clinical Informatics Fellow

HSC L3-045 H | 631-638-1329 | Chao-wei.Tsai@stonybrookmedicine.edu 

Affiliated Clinical Informatics Faculty

Jonas Almeida   

Jonas Almeida, PhD
Senior Investigator, NIH/NCI/DCEG Chief Data Scientist

HSC L4-170 | Phone | Jonas.Almeida@stonybrookmedicine.edu

Tim Duong   

Tim Duong, PhD
Professor and Vice Chair for Research, Radiology

HSC | 631-444-5400 | Tim.Duong@stonybrookmedicine.edu

Linda S. Efferen  

Linda S. Efferen, MD, MBA, FACP, FCCP, FCCM
Executive Director & Vice President, Medical Director
Office of Population Health

Office | 631-638-1318 | Linda.Efferen@stonybrookmedicine.edu

Laura Fochtmann   

Laura Fochtmann, MD, MBI
Professor, Department of Psychiatry

Office | 631-444-1607 | Laura.Fochtmann@stonybrookmedicine.edu 

Donald Harrington   

Donald Harrington, MD
Professor and Director of Radiology Research, Department of Radiology

Office | 631-444-7901 | Donald.Harrington@stonybrook.edu

Gerald Kelly  

Gerald Kelly, DO, ABF
Clinical Associate Professor
Chief Medical Information Officer, Stony Brook Medicine

Office | 631-444-4644 Gerald.Kelly@stonybrookmedicine.edu

Kartik Mani  

Kartik Mani, MD, PhD
Clinical Assistant Professor, Radiation Oncology

HSC L2-643 | Phone | Kartik.Mani@stonybrookmedicine.edu

Kimberly Noll  

Kimberly Noel, MD 
Director of Stony Brook Medicine Telehealth
Deputy Chief Medical Medical Information Officer
Chief Quality Officer of PCMH Family Medicine
Clinical Assistant Professor in Department of Family, Population and Preventive Medicine

Office | 631-638-7949 | Kimberly.Noel@stonybrookmedicine.edu

Mary Saltz   

Mary M. Saltz, MD
Clinical Assistant Professor, Departments of Radiology, 
Biomedical Informatics
Chief Clinical Integration Officer for Community Practice Initiatives
Stony Brook Cancer Center Chief Medical Information Officer
Suffolk County DSRIP Chief Clinical Lead

HSC L3-045 C | Phone | Mary.Saltz@stonybrookmedicine.edu

Laurie Shroyer   

A. Laurie W. Shroyer, PhD, MSHA
Professor of Surgery
Vice Chair for Research
Assistant Dean for Educational Research

HSC T19-07 | 631-444-7680 | AnnieLaurie.Shroyer@stonybrookmedicine.edu


Mathew Tharakan, MD
Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine, Department of Medicine

HSC 020 | Phone | Mathew.Tharakan@stonybrookmedicine.edu 

Affiliated Faculty

James Davis   

James Davis, MD
Assistant Professor, Department of Pathology

Medical Director, Stony Brook BioBank

HSC L2 706 | 631-444-3360 | James.Davis@stonybrookmedicine.edu

Shmuel Einav   

Shmuel Einav, PhD
Professor, Department of Biomedical Engineering
Director, Medical Technologies Division

100 Engineering Bldg | 631-632-8268 Shmuel.Einav@stonybrook.edu

TJ Gan   

Professor and Chair, Department of Anesthesiology

HSC | 631-444-4000 | Tong.Gan@stonybrookmedicine.edu

Mark Henry   

Mark Henry, MD
Professor and Chair, Department of Emergency Medicine

HSC L4-080 | 631-444-2461 | Mark.Henry@stonybrookmedicine.edu

Lawrence Hurst   

Lawrence Hurst, MD
Professor, Department of Orthopaedics

HSC T18-02 | 631-444-3145 | Lawrence.Hurst@stonybrookmedicine.edu 

Arie Kaufman   

Arie Kaufman, PhD
Professor, Department of Computer Science

203G New Computer Science | 631-632-8441 | ari@cs.sunysb.edu

I.V. Ramakrishnan   

I.V. Ramakrishnan, PhD
Professor, Department of Computer Science

Office | 631-632-8451 | ram@cs.stonybrook.edu

Artificial Intelligence, Computational Logic, Machine Learning/Computational Logic Combination, Information Retrieval, Computer Accessibility

Margaret Schede   

Margaret Schedel, PhD
Associate Professor, Department of Music
Director, cDACT (Consortium for Digital Arts, Culture and Technology)

3304 Staller Center | 631-632-8610 | Margaret.Schedel@stonybrook.edu 

Elinor Schoenfeld   

Elinor Schoenfeld, PhD
Research Professor

HSC L3-104631-632-2457 | Elinor.Schoenfeld@stonybrookmedicine.edu

Community Engaged Research; Addressing Health Disparities; Sensor Data Use for Health; Screening and Early Detection of Disease; Cancer Epidemiology; Cancer Prevention; Diabetes Epidemiology, Data management and informatics

Allen Tannenbaum   

Allen Tannenbaum, PhD
SUNY Distinguished Professor, Departments of Computer Science and Applied Math and Statistics

 137 New Computer Science | 631-632-8654 | Allen.Tannenbaum@stonybrook.edu

George Teodoro   

George Teodoro, PhD
Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science, UnB University of Brazil

Office | Phone | Email 

Daniel Weymouth   

Daniel Weymouth, PhD
Associate Professor and Director of cDact

3332 Staller Center | 631-632-7345 | Daniel.Weymouth@stonybrook.edu

Vincent Yang  

Vincent Yang, MD, PhD
Chair of Medicine

HSC 022 | 631-444-2066 |  Vincent.Yang@stonybrookmedicine.edu

Wei Zhu   

Wei Zhu, PhD
Professor and Deputy Chair, Department of Applied Mathematics and Statistics

 1-116 Mathematics Bldg | 631-632-8374 | Wei.Zhu@stonybrook.edu