Clinical Informatics Fellowship - Faculty, Staff & Current Fellows

Program Leadership

        Rachel Wong, MD

Joel Saltz, MD PhD

Department Chair, Founding Program Director.

Veena Lingam, MD

Program Director

Rachel Wong, MD., MPH., MBA
Assistant Program Director


Core Faculty

Gerald Kelly, DO, Chief Information Officer

Mary Saltz, MD, Chief Clinical Integration Officer

Mathew Tharakan, MD, Chief Medical Information Officer

Janos Hajagos, Chief Data Analytics Officer

Laura Fochtmann, MD, Distinguished Professor, Psychiatry

Program Coordinator 

Craig Stewart

Current Fellows


Year #2Lyncean Ung
Lyncean Ung


Year #2Tejas Patel
Tejas Patel


Year #1Dipika Rana
Dipika Rana


Year #1

Eileen Keck
Jonathan Ambut

Alumni Fellows

Bhargav Desai, MD

Bhargav Desai, MD

"My interest in Clinical Informatics stems from my passion for technology and patient care. My primary interests are in operations, healthcare security and data driven focus on clinical decision making. I choose Stony Brook University Hospital for its diverse patient population, supportive faculty, and adaptive curriculum." - Bhargav Desai

Waqas Mahmud, MD

Waqas Mahmud, MD

"I am interested in clinical and biomedical informatics from both an operational and academic standpoint. I look forward to garner a skill set that will help me grapple challenges associated with day-to-day operations in molecular diagnostics and lab informatics to streamline workflows. I am also excited about learning the applications of data analytics and computational algorithms in medicine and pathology." - Waqas Mahmud

Rachel Wong, MD

Rachel Wong, MD, MPH, MBA

Rachel has been at Stony Brook for many years, where she completed medical school, Internal Medicine residency and degrees in public health and business. She served as an Associate Director for the Internal Medicine residency program and directed the primary care track and ambulatory quality improvement for several years after residency. She is interested in applying analytics to quality improvement strategies, healthcare delivery research and clinical decision support tools.

"I chose to do a clinical informatics fellowship at Stony Brook because it was the ideal opportunity to explore and facilitate inter-professional collaboration between data scientists, IT and front-line clinical providers." - Rachel Wong

Chao-wei Tsai, MD

Chao-wei Tsai, MD

Chief Operations Fellow

"I have always been interested in the intersections between information technology and clinical medicine since medical school. This thought especially amplified during my internal medicine residency at Providence Portland Medical Center in Portland, OR where I was involved in helping colleagues of all kinds configure and learn how to use the software tools for their work.

I joined the Stony Brook Clinical Informatics Fellowship program right after fellowship because I was looking to get a completely different educational and life experience than that from my residency. The Stony Brook program is new and offers exciting potential for customizing my education, it is located in a suburb with its unique patient population and lifestyle, as well as the fact that it is a state government-managed institution. In addition, it has a very large IT workforce which shows the organization's commitment to improve patient care and workforce satisfaction.

My primary interest is in user education and workflow improvement. I aim to practice with both clinical and leadership roles, with the hope of being able to help colleagues of any kind to work more easily and efficiently." - Chaowei Tsai

Victor Garcia, MD

Victor Garcia, MD

Chief Research Fellow

"I chose to stay at Stony Brook for Fellowship after completing my Internal Medicine residency here. With an interest in data analytics, I was drawn to the Stony Brook Clinical Informatics program because of the unique opportunity to tailor my fellowship experience toward my career interests while simultaneously attaining my M.S. in Biomedical Informatics. As Chief Research Fellow, I've enjoyed leading a wide range of projects, and ultimately, I seek to organize translational research projects that operationalize data analytics into physician workflows." - Victor Garcia