Ed Kalpas, MD, MPH, Medical Director, HVH Precision Analytics - BMI Grandrounds

Date of Event

Machine Learning to Gain Actionable Insights Using Healthcare Data

Wednesday, September 12, 2018  3pm—4pm
Atkins Center – HSC Level 4 (Radiology)

How c an disparate types of data be used to predict health outcomes? Using data sets such as electronic medical records, insurance claims, consumer data, social media, and environ-mental data, we can gain insights into the health of populations and individuals.  
Machine learning and other techniques such as knowledge transfer can be used to differen-tiate signals in noisy data. These signals can be used to gain insights into how to efficiently deploy limited healthcare resources and to get patients treated earlier and more effective-ly.
Learning Objectives:

1.    Identify various sources of healthcare data that can be used to predict health outcomes
2.    Describe the advantages and disadvantages of various types of healthcaare data
3.    Explain how machine learning can provide insights into the health of individuals and populations


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