Digital Minds author, Arlindo Oliveira, is talking at IACS Nov 15 !

Digital Minds author, Arlindo Oliveira, is talking at IACS Nov 15 !

For a preview of topic see MIT Press podcast.

Location: Institute for Advanced Computational Sciences at Stony Brook

University, IACS, Laufer Center Auditorium (map) 11:00-12:00pm

Exponential growth is a pattern built deep into the scheme of life, but technological change now promises to outstrip even evolutionary change, a process that created life and intelligence on Earth. In particular, exponential growth has characterized computing technologies in the last century, and has fueled the rapid developments of ICT that have changed society so deeply. In this talk, I will discuss the possibility that advances in computing technology will enable us to create digital minds, either artificial or natural, and discuss briefly the social, legal, and ethical implications of such a possibility.

Short​ ​bio​: Arlindo Oliveira obtained his BSc and MSc degrees in EECS from IST - Técnico Lisboa and his PhD, also in EECS, from the University of California, Berkeley. His research interests are centered in the areas of Computational Biology, Machine Learning, Computer Architecture, Algorithms and Complexity. He is the author of the book "The Digital Mind", published by MIT Press and of more than 100 articles. He became president of IST - Technical University of Lisbon - in 2012, after a career that included a number of positions in both Academy and Industry.