Clinical Informatics Bootcamp (III)

SBU Clinical Informatics Bootcamp

Location: HSC Galleria

Time: 9am-4pm

Co-sponsored by the Stony Brook chapter of the Institute for Healthcare Improvement and the Biomedical Informatics Department at Stony Brook University, the camp will be held on Friday, March 23, from 9 AM to 4 PM in the Health Sciences Galleria. Healthcare professionals interested hands-on experience to explore how to use healthcare data to drive clinical research should attend. Please bring your personal laptop if possible to enhance the interactive experience.

Learning Objectives for the camp include:

1. Learning to explore healthcare data resources at Stony Brook Medicine to promote clinical research

2. Understanding the IRB process

3. What is de-identified data and how is it useful for clinical research

4. Hands-on exploration of tools to aid research

You can register using the below link