BMI Grand Rounds Guest Speaker: Jared K. Burks

Date of Event

Title: Going Beyond Sight

Jared K. Burks, PhD
Associate Professor
Co-Director, Flow Cytometry & Cellular Imaging Core Facility
M.D. Anderson Cancer Center

Abstract: Multiplexed tissue imaging supporting a comprehensive understanding of the cellular organization is the new normal revealing the biology of the tissue ecosystem, opportunistic disease progression, and can explain successful or failed drug treatments in creating and supporting personalized medicine. Digital pathology is a required component for these applications and opens the door to standardized quantitative methods of these tissues. This is a massive expansion to the field of pathology, the science of the causes and effects of diseases. This expansion is modernizing pathology and incorporating immunology, spatial and higher order mathematics all while being rooted in the world of histotechnology. Why is any of this important and is it worth the promise? What are the multiplexed options and how do they compare to the non-imaging alternatives? What can really be accomplished with these technologies and how complicated are they?

Web, Feb 10, 2021 3 pm - 4 pm

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