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The Department of Biomedical Informatics at Stony Brook University is seeking motivated PhD and Masters level students to work with BMI faculty on various projects.

Please contact individual faculty for details.

In particular, the following faculty are looking for students on advanced projects:

Daifeng Wang: Machine learning and data mining in biomedical data science, bioinformatics, computational biology and medicine, network science. Current projects: (1) genomic machine learning (e.g., deep learning, representation learning); (2) cancer systems biology.

Romeil Sandhu: Network science, graph theory, computer vision, machine learning, system biology, and shape analysis with a particular underlying emphasis on utilizing the confluence of geometry, statistics, and controls to accomplish such tasks.

Richard Moffitt: Bioinformatics, Personalized Medicine

Fusheng Wang: Big spatial data systems (2D and 3D), integrative spatial big data science, and blockchain.