James Davis

James Davis is medical director of the biobank at Stony Brook Medicine.  His primary clinical role overall is as an anatomic pathologist and neuropathologist.  Dr. Davis is also a member of the Stony Brook University Hospital cancer committee.

Selected Publications:

Wong ET, Petersen NP, Davis JE, Rojas, R, Reddy H, Kasper E, Greenstein P, Sengupta S, “Illusion of Stroke: Intravascular Lymphomatosis,” Reviews in Neurological Diseases, 2011; 8(3-4): 107-13.

Yan Q (Co-first author), Davis JE (Co-first author), Chi J, Kesari S, “71-year-old female with right eye proptosis,” Brain Pathology, 2011 Nov; 26(11): 709-710.  

McMillan HJ, Srinivasan J, Darras BT, Ryan MM, Davis JE, Lidov HG, Gill D, Jones HR, “Sciatic Neuropathy and Pediatric Neoplasms,” Muscle Nerve 2011 Feb; 43(2): 183-8.

Kakoullis S, Austin J, Bennet B, Willey J, Davis JE, and McClure I, “A 35 Year Old Man with Tuberculosis and a Testicular Mass,” Physicians and Surgeons Medical Review, 2003, Vol 9: 15-21.