Wei Zhu

Dr. Wei Zhu (www.ams.sunysb.edu/~zhu) is Professor of Statistics and Deputy Chair of the Department of Applied Mathematics and Statistics(www.ams.sunysb.edu). Currently serving as the Director of the CEWIT (www.cewit.org) Bioinformatics and Biostatistics Laboratories at the Stony Brook University, she has twenty years of experience collaborating with medical/biological researchers in biostatistics, bioinformatics and imaging informatics. Her methodological and collaborative works appeared in such journals as JASA, JAMA, LANCET and PNAS. She has led the development of novel informatics tools for the analysis and visualization of transcriptome, proteome and brain imaging data with several patented or copy-righted visual-analytic programs including ‘spectraMiner” for single particle mass spectrometry data, “autoROI” and “BrainMiner” for brain imaging studies, “VistaMS” for joint gene microarray and SAGE data analysis, and “proteoExplorer” for interactive protein mass spectrum data visualization, analysis and cancer detection.

The Department of Applied Mathematics and Statistics is ranked the seventh in the nation with a total of five tracks including StatisticsComputational BiologyComputational Mathematics (a leader in super-computing)Operations Research and Quantitative Finance. It has over 200 graduate students and awards around 20 Ph.D.’s and 50 M.S.’s a year. Most of our tracks are highly related to the missions of Biomedical Informatics. Many of our graduate students work as research assistants in the areas of biostatistics, bioinformatics and imaging informatics at both Stony Brook Medical Center and the nearby Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (www.cshl.org) and Brookhaven National Laboratory (www.bnl.gov).

Selected Publications:

Wu, Xiao, Kathryn Berkow, Daniel N. Frank, Ellen Li, Ajay S. Gulati, and Wei Zhu. "Comparative analysis of microbiome measurement platforms using latent variable structural equation modeling." BMC bioinformatics 14, no. 1 (2013): 79.

Kim, Jieun, Wei Zhu, Linda Chang, Peter M. Bentler, and Thomas Ernst. "Unified structural equation modeling approach for the analysis of multisubject, multivariate functional MRI data." Human Brain Mapping 28, no. 2 (2007): 85-93.

Zhu, Wei, Xuena Wang, Yeming Ma, Manlong Rao, James Glimm, and John S. Kovach. "Detection of cancer-specific markers amid massive mass spectral data." Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 100, no. 25 (2003): 14666-14671.

Gnatenko, Dmitri V., Wei Zhu, Xiao Xu, Edward T. Samuel, Melissa Monaghan, Mohammad H. Zarrabi, Christi Kim, Anil Dhundale, and Wadie F. Bahou. "Class prediction models of thrombocytosis using genetic biomarkers." Blood 115, no. 1 (2010): 7-14.

Biedermann, Stefanie, Holger Dette, and Wei Zhu. "Optimal designs for dose–response models with restricted design spaces." Journal of the American Statistical Association 101, no. 474 (2006): 747-759.