Kimberly Noel, MD


Kimberly Noel
Kimberly Noel, MD
Director of Stony Brook Medicine Telehealth
Deputy Chief Medical Information Officer
Chief Quality Officer of PCMH Family Medicine
Clinical Assistant Professor in Department of Family, Population and Preventive Medicine

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Dr. Noel is a clinical researcher, physician and telehealth specialist. She is an appointee to the New York State Department of Health Regulatory Modernization Initiative Telehealth Advisory Committee and serves as the Director of Stony Brook Medicine Telehealth and the Deputy Chief Medical Information Officer. She provides leadership to all telehealth activities of the institution, working to build a telehealth infrastructure in collaboration with all key stakeholders of Stony Brook Medicine (SBM). She leads the Telehealth Workgroup, an interprofessional organization tasked by the Senior Executive Group to create policies and procedures for all medical interventions and services delivered by telehealth. She works collaboratively with telehealth administrative leadership to operationalize telehealth activities addressing clinical, educational and research missions of SBM. She works closely with the Chief Medical Information Officer on telehealth EMR integration, research and Information technology assessment. She also works with the Department of Biomedical Informatics, for which she conducts research incorporating machine learning and precision analytics into readmission risk models. She leads a randomized controlled trial to evaluate the use of telemedicine on 30-day hospital readmissions using biometric monitoring, e-visits, risk stratification and available data from the Regional Health Information Organization (RHIO). Dr. Noel has also developed a medical student and resident educational curriculum on Telemedicine. She developed the course “Docs, Data and Disruptive Technology” and a 40-hour Telehealth curriculum for the School of Medicine. She also works on Interprofessional educational curriculums in Telehealth with the School of Health Technology and Management, The School of Nursing, the School of Medicine. She has developed a grant-funded Telehealth Opioid and Chronic Pain training module for Internal Medicine Residents.

Dr. Noel is also the Chief Quality Officer of the Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) for the Family Medicine Department. She creates reports for the practice’s population health management, including physician level reporting, working with quality improvement metrics and aids the Medical Director of PCMH in quality strategy and population health interventions. She co-leads the Stony Brook Readmissions Steering Committee in which she has won service awards for her initiatives promoting clinical workflow, informatics and infrastructural change to reduce preventable readmissions. Dr. Noel is also engaged in the New York State Delivery System Reform Incentive Program (DSRIP), and a member of the Transition of Care (TOC) committee for which, she aided in the implementation of a 30-day transition of care model for Suffolk County, incorporating a high risk stratification tool for the Medicaid population. At the Northport VA Medical Center, she has helped organize the Ambulatory Care Congestive Heart Failure Task force for the Assistant Chief of Staff for Primary Care/Emergency Department as well as craft group clinics for high risk CHF patients. Her long term professional goal is to incorporate data analytics and population health management using telehealth for underserved populations.

Since my training, I have participated in research and secured grant funding for the promotion of preventive and internal medicine practice and training with a focus on implementing Telehealth programs and research. Our efforts have secured funding to train preventive medicine residents for the next 5 years at Stony Brook. We also received funding to train internal medicine residents in opioid management using Telehealth. My research also explores how the field will expand health promotion and disease prevention.
  • Health Resources and Services Admin Grant Award.Lane, D. Noel, K. Jadotte, Y. Messina, C. Preventive Medicine Residencies. Award#: 81133. Project #: 1146120. May 2018
  • Stony Brook Medicine Department of Medicine Pilot Project Grant Award Wong, R. Noel, K. Ng, P. Baldelli, P. Training Providers for the Future: Multi-Disciplinary Care of Chronic Pain and Opiate Management in the Age of Telemedicine. January 2018
  • Jadotte, Y. Noel, K. Leisy, H. Granek, I. Messina, C. Lane, D. Health Professions and the Theory of Salutogenesis: Reimagining the Place of Health Promotion in Population Health Education, Practice and Research. American College of Preventive Medicine. Poster Symposium Presentation. May 24-26th 2018

As a clinical researcher and a leader of the Readmissions Steering Committee at Stony Brook. I have dedicated a lot of time to research readmission risk stratification in collaboration with biomedical informatics. We have worked using machine learning and advanced data analytics. We have presented this work at national conferences. Furthermore, we are currently pursing publication for our most recent randomized control trials evaluating the use of Telehealth to reduce preventable readmissions.

  • Hajagos, J. Noel, K. “Hack your own predictive 30-day inpatient readmission model using open source tools and data models.” Urban Health Informatics Innovation Conference & Exhibit. New York Academy of Medicine. April 30th 2018. New York.
  • Noel, K. Yagudayev, S. Messina, C. Schoenfeld, E. Hou,W. Kelly, G. “Tele-transitions of Care. An approach to reduce 30-day Readmission using Tele-Health Technology; A Randomized Controlled Trial Study Design.” Pending publication to Journal: Contemporary Clinical Trials Communications
  • Noel, K. Hajagos, J. Saltz, J. Saltz, M. “Risk Stratification for Population Health Management: Prognostic Analytics for Better Resource Allocation” submitted for publication to Medical Care
  • American College of Preventive Medicine Portland, Oregon May 23-26, 2017 Poster Presentation: “Risk Stratification for Population Health Management: Prognostic Analytics for Better Resource Allocation”

Many of my research contributions have led to direct impact for communities and clinical care. I have worked with the Department of Health in participating in the authorship of the Community Health Assessment and Improvement Plan, using regional data and SPARCs databases. I have also helped improve preventive measures for the family medicine practice at Stony Brook Medicine.

  • Suffolk County Department of Health Services. “Community Health Assessment and Improvement Plan 2016-2018”.
  • Stony Brook Family Medicine Patient Center Medical Home (PCMH) Quality Improvement Project Poster Presentation: “NCQA Quality Improvement for Cancer Screening and Immunization Rate improvements”, Stony Brook, New York Research Symposium May 25th 2016

Earlier in my career, I have also taken an interest in basic science and clinical trials. I was able to present this research at the American Heart Association, with colleagues at NYU.

  • International Stroke Conference AHA/ASA, Nashville, TN February 11-13th 2015. Poster Presentation: “A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study of the efficacy and safety of Botulinum toxin type A in upper limb spasticity in patients with stroke”

Institute of Healthcare Improvement (IHI) Open School I-CAN scholar
Federal Emergency Management Agency Training: Emergency Preparedness: 200,700
National Center for Integrative Primary Healthcare, Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine/Foundation
Appointee to the New York State Department of Health, Regulatory Modernization Initiative, Telehealth Advisory Group
Long Island Business News “Achievements in Healthcare” Award
News Day “Top Docs of Long Island” Designation