Mary Saltz

Mary Saltz – Chief Clinical Integration Officer, Stony Brook Medicine; Assistant Clinical Professor of Radiology; Assistant Clinical Professor of Biomedical Informatics

 I have been chief of several radiology departments. As a clinician trained in interventional radiology, I have extensive experience in lung cancer imaging interpretation and in carrying out image-guided lung biopsies.

 I do population health analyses that tell us who the population is, what diseases they have, and are they well or not well. I am also involved in image analysis of pathology slides, using artificial intelligence and deep learning – to learn beyond what the human eye can see in images, and to make radiology-pathology correlations. And as a means of determining what personalized therapies would be best for each patient, my research explores the relationship between genomic expression, patient survival, pathology findings and radiology.

I’d like prospective students to know that our department is a very dynamic, multidisciplinary team bringing together physicians, nurses and people from many backgrounds in health care. We bridge the gap between the fields of health care technology and medical research. And it’s vital for us to attract people who are not computer scientists. We need to know what questions to ask, and integrating doctors and nurses into BMI helps us do that.