Research and Scholarly Projects

Our inaugural CI fellows have already made a significant impact to the field of Clinical Informatics.

  1.  Garcia V, Hajagos J, Abell-Hart K, Deng J, Tsai C, Lingam L, Saltz M, Saltz J, Tassiopoulos A. “Aortic Aneurysm: Informatics Driven Detection, Risk Stratification and Treatment”. Presentation performed by self at: American Medical Informatics Association Clinical Informatics Conference, May 2020.
  2. Rashidian S, Abell-Hart K, Hajagos J, Moffitt R, Lingam V, Garcia V, Tsai C, Wang F, Dong X, Sun S, Deng J, Gupta R, Miller J, Saltz J, Saltz M. Detecting Miscoded Diabetes Diagnosis Codes in EHR for Quality Improvement: A Temporal Deep Learning Approach. JMIR Med Inform (in press). doi:10.2196/22649.
  3. Mallipattu SK, Jawa R, Moffit R, Hajagos J, Fries B, Nachman S, Gan TJ, Saltz M, Saltz J, Kaushansky K, Skopicki H, Abell-Hart K, Chaudhri I, Deng J, Garcia V, Gayen S, Kurc T, Bolotova O, Yoo J, Dhaliwal S, Nataraj N, Sun S, Tsai C, Wang Y, Abbasi S, Abdullah R, Ahmad S, Bai K, Bennett-Guerrero E, Chua A, Gomes C, Griffel M, Kalogeropoulos A, Kiamanesh D, Kim N, Koraishy F, Lingham V, Mansour M, Marcos L, Miller J, Poovathoor S, Rubano J, Rutigliano D, Sands M, Santora C, Schwartz J, Shroyer K, Skopicki H, Spitzer S, Stopeck A, Talamini M, Tharakan M, Vosswinkel J, Wertheim W, Stony Brook COVID-19 Research Consortium, Geospatial Distribution and Predictors of Mortality in Hospitalized Patients with COVID-19: A Cohort Study. Open Forum Infectious Diseases. 2020 Sept 14.
  4. Rashidian S, Wang F, Moffitt R, Garcia V, Dutt A, Chang W, Pandya V, Hajagos J, Saltz M, Saltz J. “Smooth-GAN: Towards Sharp and Smooth Synthetic EHR Data Generation”. AIME 2020 International Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Medicine long presentation, Aug 2020.
  5. Jawa, RS, Tharakan, MA, Tsai, C, Garcia, VL, Vosswinkel, JA, Rutigliano, DN, Rubano, JA, Stony Brook Medicine Enterprise Analytics Team. A reference guide to rapidly implementing an institutional dashboard for resource allocation and oversight during COVID-19 pandemic surge. JAMIA Open (in press).